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About LX Brand 

Providing Customized shredding and crushing/granulating Solutions.

LX industry is the popular shredder and granulator brand from Zhangjiagang Lianxiang Machinery Co., Ltd which is a pioneer recycling equipment manufacturer in waste reduction management. LX shredder and LX granulator provide customers individual shredding and crushing/granulating solutions for all types of waste materials. Cost-effective, highly-efficient, durable and easy-to-operate size reduction machinery is what we deliver. We cover the full range of shredders and granulators large or small and we can also customize recycling machines to suit a client’s unique processing requirements and possible space restrictions.

Our goal is to become a leading world-class shredding machinery manufacturer, making LX SHREDDER the first choice when shredding machinery is required.

Quality Assurance 

Machine quality is our priority. Our factory and office are ISO9001 compliant and our machines are CE certified. A great deal of time is devoted to the quality control system, ensuring every machine delivered will satisfy the client both in its value and quality, ensuring years of trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance expense.

The integrated quality control system is monitored by strict control of raw material suppliers, comprehensive and systematic training of all operators, effective implementation of our Quality Handbook and through machine testing before delivery to our customers.

Global Market 

To date, LX shredder and granulator machines have been extremely well-acclaimed by end-users all over the world.


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